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  • Ufone launches UMonitor in Pakistan

    Ufone launches UMonitor in Pakistan

    Ufone has launched UReminder service. This service will allow the subscribers to set and manage reminders as and when they need. These reminders can be used for business or personal use and subscribers can chose from pre-defined reminders or set a custom reminder in their own voice. Once the users set a reminder they will receive a call at the scheduled time. Not only can the subscribers set reminders for themselves but also for their friends and family and the concerned will receive their reminders directly on their handsets.

  • Ufone launches UMonitor

    Ufone launches UMonitor

    Mobile communication technologies have evolved independently across continents and there is significant challenge in achieving success while introducing innovative services. Ufone continues to live up to these challenges and recently introduced UMonitor; a service with which customers will be able to monitor calls on three phone numbers. With this offer customers can now create a list of selected numbers and control their incoming and outgoing calls.