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There is a big vacuum in the middle east region with respect to London Real Estate funds and it may be because not many people are familiar with the concept. Just to briefly explain this model of investment, it entails a fund investing and developing real estate in London and then after the tenure of the project has finished, giving the returns to its investors. Most investors in the region were focused on the UAE and its neighbouring for real estate investment.

Dubai stood out as being specially lucrative when it came to investing in real estate and then getting amazing and some would say, miraculous returns overnight. This was the playground for all investors, big and small and they made good returns on their investment, only to lose it a few years later. When the recession hit in Dubai, it left many investors reeling, not only with the shock of parting with their money, but also with the question as to why it happened? The reason was simple, the UAE, as promising and fast paced it became, was and still is a new and emerging region.. it will have to go through cycles of ups and downs and many decades before it is considered a consistent market.

London on the other hand is a region which has been prevalent from centuries. It is considered globally as a safe haven for investments and even with slight ups and downs, generally grows in value over the years. It is an excellent place for seasoned investors to go. Investors who know the importance of wealth preservation, and the criticality of not losing investments based on yo-yo conditions.

AFME Limited is one of the few genuine concerns in the region that does a spectacular job of managing and growing London Real Estate. Some of the projects they have acquired and managed have been for investors who probably make 1% of the ultra high net worth individuals. The idea is simple and the logic is flawless. Invest in a region where the asset and the investment are safe. And while an investor does it, make sure they pick a very professional and experienced company to manage it.

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