AFME Limited has just arrived in the Middle East

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Published on February 12, 2016 with No Comments

AFME limited has just opened its doors in the middle east and is gathering
momentum faster than anyone can say “hello”. With its assets under management
in London and experts like Richard Cunningham managing them, there is little room
to doubt the success that this company will have in this region. The middle east is
home to many a turbulent state, and there has always been an eagerness to move
funds to a stable and secure location. AFME limited does just that. It promises safety,
in a regulated environment and a stable market. It has brought the awareness to the
region about investing in companies that have strict regulations and invest only in
tier 1 markets. One has to wonder why Agincourt Financial (the asset manager), only
invests in Tier 1 and the answer is simple. Safety. AFME limited is not a company to
go to if an investor wants high risks and high returns. AFME is a company to go for
wealth growth and preservation. Two things which every seasoned investor is
familiar with.

While frontier markets and emerging markets may prove to be rewarding in the
short term, but no investor has been happy about their investments in this structure
in the long term. The reasons are simple. Volatility. Unpredictability. No structure or
regulation. The middle east is now understanding the importance of regulation, and
that too strong regulation like the FCA, Bank of England etc. not regulation like some
corporation based out of Cyprus or Bahamas.

The investment mentality in the middle east is showing a maturity that was lacking in
the past years and the shift is apparent. They are now choosing safe structures and
safe havens for their investment. They have started looking for the right Asset
managers, and that’s where AFME limited has stepped in to fill that gap.
Its about time the shift came to the middle east, and the maturity of understanding
financial structures and global markets. The investors here are as savvy as any other
and they are showing that by their choices.

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