Here comes another player in SharePoint performance arena

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Published on February 25, 2010 with No Comments

Alachisoft launches NCachePoint, offers performance boost & scalability for SharePoint

With names like Storage Point and Aptimize already in the market offering performance optimization for SharePoint, Sharepoint still needed a software offering features both of these have alone. Today, Alachisoft has released such a product that does both data externalization as well as content optimization alongwith strong caching features. NCachePoint is Alachisoft’s new product focusing ‘SharePoint Performence & Scalability’. 

 NCachePoint - Sharepoint Performance

Some of the main features of NCachePoint includes External Binary Store (EBS), content optimization, session caching and list caching. Through EBS, users can store all their content (documents/images etc.) in an external storage. Content Optimization feature allows users to reduce the payload that gets transferred over the wire in form of ASP.NET ViewState, Javascript and CSS. Session Caching reduces the load on SQL Server (Which is used by default for sessions in SharePoint). List Caching feature allows users to save the output of different lists displayed in Calander View, Gantt View, Data Sheet View or HtmlView and prevent database query that retrieves the data of list from Sql Server.

It is expected that this product will grab a major share in SharePoint performance area. NCachePoint holds a competitive edge over StoragePoint & Aptimize as it has more features than these products individually have.

NCachePoint, SharePoint performance improvement solution is available at:

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